The Wicked Waffle: Hearty breakfast food for big eaters

If you love waffles, milkshakes, bacon and eggs, and all the rest of that good-morning goodness, look no further than The Wicked Waffle--an all-day breakfast cafe that fills you up without quite emptying your wallet.

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I don't know about you, but I'm the type of person who could live on breakfast food. There's just something about the carbs, proteins, and dairy products associated with the first meal of the day that spells ultimate comfort. It's nothing fancy, but it's deliciously familiar--and if you agree, I'm sure you'll savor a visit to all-day breakfast cafe The Wicked Waffle.

The cafe is a small space, but a functional one, dressed in a trendy red, black, and ivory motif and illuminated by soft, white light. Seating comes in the form of funky laser-cut plastic chairs or built-in cushioned benches flush against the wall. While definitely modern--and, dare we say, quirky--it's a warm and friendly place that sets the tone for a good breakfast.

Barely two weeks open at Eastwood Cybermall, this trendy eatery was bustling with customers on the day of our review. Luckily, my companions were able to lock down a spot for our party--which included owner Tom Pestaño, who helped us pick out the best items on the menu.

We started with the Breakfast Ramen (P80)--a simple, comforting bowl of egg noodles, ham, and garlicky broth that I pegged the perfect starter for a rainy day. From there, we dove into more familiar territory with the Beef Tapa (P150), which was seasoned precisely for Pinoy taste buds. The salty-sweet meat came with properly runny eggs, garlic rice, and a really refreshing vegetable relish with pesto vinaigrette.

Another Filipino favorite came in the form of the Pork Chop N' Eggs (P220)--which, incidentally, is served with unlimited home fries. The pork chop had a nice fatty edge to it and was topped with caramelized onions for extra flavor. But for me, the real standout of this dish was the earthy and tart side of baked beans, cooked for three hours in a tomato base. Yum!

For a little bit of everything, try the All-Pinoy Sampler (P180). This combination platter runneth over with three kinds of meat: tender, smoky-sweet, unskinned longganisa; shredded adobo flakes (best eaten right away to preserve the crunch); and The Wicked Waffle's tapa. The latter, by the way, tasted even better when dipped into pinakurat, the Iligan tuba vinegar stocked by the restaurant.

There's also an All-American Sampler (P200) piled with the Western counterparts of our morning meats. Two eggs and slices of toast are walled in by juicy German franks, bite-sized fried potatoes, a side of baked beans, and strips of maple bacon. My only disappointment was that the bacon, while tasty, was a little flaccid--I personally prefer mine cooked until very crunchy and ruddy in color.

Speaking of meat, none of the previous samplers quite paralleled the Triple Bypass (P330)--a platter best described as "protein overload." A single order of this bad boy brought us three sausage patties (dense, herby, and made for dipping in maple syrup), three thick slices of ham, three strips of maple bacon (sadly, again, a little undercooked), and three eggs cooked any style. You also get fluffy buttermilk pancakes, the ubiquitous home fries, baked beans, and toast on the side. Just thinking about this platter gives me cardiac arrest--but in the best possible way, if that makes sense!

Naturally, a trip to The Wicked Waffle wouldn't be complete without the waffles! First, we tasted the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Waffle (P115)--a taco lookalike that was savory (thanks to its filling), crunchy and sweet (with its waffle envelope). Then, we stuck our forks into the Cookies & Cream Waffle Sundae (P140)--a crisp, chocolate waffle dripping with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and crushed Oreos. We ended the meal with another Waffle Sundae, the Chunkee Munkee (P150), which is basically a waffle smothered in banana chunks, caramel fudge, ice cream, and whipped cream. The finishing touch was a smattering of granola, which added just the right amount of crunch and texture.

Needless to say, our bursting bellies needed to be let out after such a major meal--but the calories were worth it. The Wicked Waffle Cafe promises you its Belgian namesake but ends up serving so much more. Thanks to a great price range and hefty selection, it's everything a food-lover could ask for when it comes to simple dining. Here's hoping Tom and his team will open a branch close to Kristn’s office at the Fort so we can eat there whenever we feel like it!

Check out the gallery to see everything we got to try at The Wicked Waffle Cafe.

The Wicked Waffle Cafe is located on the 3rd Floor of Eastwood Cybermall and is open daily from 10AM to 9PM. Learn more about them by visiting their Facebook fan page.

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Photos by Barley Bueno

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