Training and fitness tips from Chris Tiu

Know how the basketball superstar and former Philippine Basketball Team member keeps his body in top form--whether on-season or off-season.


Chris Tiu is officially a sports Kapatid! We caught up with the basketball superstar during his recent contract signing as ambassador ot TV5's sports channel, AKTV. The former Philippine Basketball Team member will be dishing basketball tips and other tidbits about the sport he loves most--as do the rest of the Filipino population.

Of course, we wanted to get a headstart on that, so if you're as passionate about basketball as Chris is, read on to pick up training and conditioning tips that would help you become an even better player, no matter what league (or liga) you play for. That, or, maybe even if you just want to get your body in tip-top form like his. 
What kind of conditioning or preparation do you actually do right before a game or even on regular training days?
Chris Tiu: I lift weights, depends on the phase. There are times when you lift heavy, you try to bulk up, or there are times when you’re trying to tone, you want endurance, explosiveness--your program will vary that way. I do plyometric also. I do like a little Cross Fit drills. I do mostly on court training, you know, the skills and the drills needed to develop your skills in basketball. Sometimes, I also do sprints.
Describe your diet on- and off-season. Is there a difference?
Chris: Yeah, like now, I’m bulking up. I’m eating anything, just eat anything with calories. But when I’m in season, I try not to eat too much. Just right, I don’t want to be too heavy. If I’m going to the beach, of course, I eat healthy, I avoid carbs. I mean, I avoid white rice and too much sugar. I eat lean meat. But now, I actually eat anything; I’m not very particular. I love sweets, I love ice cream.
So even as an athlete, you don’t have any restrictions when it comes to your diet?
Chris: Wala naman. Siguro iwas lang sa mga masyadong oily, matabang pagkain, like pork or taba. Before games, I personally I avoid eating skins and fat. Chicken skin pwede pa. Pero 'yung mga taba, bawas. 'Yung sa beef tinatanggal ko, kahit walang games. Ayoko magka-heart attack nang maaga.

Are there any other sports you'd want to get into, besides basketball? 
Chris: I play golf, I wish I had more time for that. Boxing sana, as well. I swim a little bit. And tennis--I’ve tried playing tennis dati. And skiing, I’ve done it once lang on my own.

How would you encourage people to try out sports or get serious about fitness?
Chris: It has to be a lifestyle, you know; you have to want it. You want to have a goal, either you want to look good, you want to feel good, you want to live healthy, or you want to avoid getting sick and feeling sluggish. There has to be a motivation, and when you have a motivation, it’s easier to push yourself and live a healthy life--by eating well, exercising, getting enough rest, stuff like that.


With reports from Gael Gatbonton
Photo by Cons Reyes



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