Cassandra: Warrior Angel cast's fave flicks

The cast of TV5's latest fantasy series sat down with and talked about their favorite movies!

(Photos courtesy of 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Marvel Studios, Universal Pictures) 

Who among the Cassandra: Warrior Angel cast likes Ashton Kutcher movies? You wouldn't guess who it is! 

At the recent launch of TV5's latest fantasy series, got to chat with some of Cassandra's younger cast members--Eula Caballero, JC de Vera, Helga Krapf, and Morissette Amon--and they talked to us about their favorite food, music, movies, among others.

Click through the gallery to find out what their fave flicks are and what kind of movies they want to star in! 

Interviews by CJ de los Santos and Stephanie Castillo
Photos by Cons Reyes

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Cassandra: Warrior Angel airs daily at 7PM only on TV5.