Dance of the Steel Bars

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Overall rating
Genre Drama,Filipino
Director Cesar Apolinario, Marnie Manicad
Producer Portfolio Films/GMA Films
Writer Cris Lim, Michael Villar
Cast Patrick Bergin, Dingdong Dantes, Joey Paras, Ricky Davao
Synopsis This riveting feature film about redemption follows Frank Parish (Bergin), a retired U.S. firefighter and philanthropist who finds himself wrongly accused of murder and jailed in the Philippines. Stuck in prison, Frank begins to lose faith in everything he believes in until he becomes friends with Mando (Dantes), a convicted murderer who denies his passion for dancing just to prove his masculinity, and Allona (Paras), a transsexual who tries to contribute to prison reforms by teaching his fellow inmates dance exercises.

They get involved in a tricky struggle between the positive changes initiated by the new warden (Davao) and the corrupt system that weighs down the inmates' chance to become better individuals. Frank finds himself caught in an intricate web of lies and must choose between concealing what he knows to keep himself out of danger or to help his fellow inmates by revealing the truth. Will he remain on the sidelines as an observer, or will he dance the dance of the steel bars? (Official synopsis)
Release Date June 12, 2013
Released By Portfolio Films/GMA Films
Running Time 1 hr 38 min
MTRCB Rating R-13